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I have two more creative self-portraits to do in the next couple days. Are you tired of my face yet? yeah me too

I was painting over a picture of myself for a class assignment but then it kind of got away from me and “Bathroom Mirror Selfie But in Outer Space" happened

I finally have a professor that’s actually giving me a challenge, and it feels like christmas. Or like a creative self-renaissance. One of those.

I usually like to do really big, really detailed digital paintings a few times a year. They take me a looong time to finish, for a variety of reasons. But, either way, an invaluable thing that I’ve learned about finishing large pieces:

don’t focus on one area at a time. Don’t think that you’ll feel like you’ve made progress if you make one part of the image perfect and complete, and leave the rest undone. you won’t. you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the unfinished space around it. further, you’ll start to get bored with the chunk you’re working on. your motivation will die.

instead, pick a different spot to start on each time you start working on it. keep moving, keep creating progress all around the entire image. it will be a lot more interesting to your brain and your hand, and feel much more manageable and considerably less herculean

also about to get back to working on this

before I got sick(er) I also started drawing a big floofy arcanine and friend

my ‘finally well enough to draw again’ post from a month ago was a huge false alarm. But now maybe I’m actually getting well, assuming no more relapses

sketchy WIP Boss swingin around stoically on a rope because this is a thing pirates do, right